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End violence against women

The Challenge In the highlands of PNG, up to 100% women experience violence regularly. Many are beaten on a daily basis. Sexual harassment is also extremely common in markets, where women's ability to do business is crucial for the strength of their communities. When women are safe from violence, entire communities and economies flourish. UN Women is:- Supporting local services to meet the needs of women.- Training male community leaders to understand and communicate that violence against women is a crime.- Providing training so women can earn an income and support their families.

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Support mental health

The Challenge Around two million Australians live with anxiety, and around one million live with depression. Sadly, on average eight Australians take their lives every day. Beyond Blue Support is available for all Australians to speak to a trained counselor at any time. This service is experiencing increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic as more people reach out due to the effects of social distancing, isolation and employment insecurity. Our trained mental health professionals listen, provide advice and counseling, and point people in the right direction to receive the support they need.

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Protect the most vulnerable

The Challenge COVID-19 poses a catastrophic threat to children and families living in vulnerable communities around the world; from refugee camps, remote regions of Asia and the Pacific, to food-insecure countries in southern Africa. The simplest way to halt the spread is by social distancing and good hygiene, but over 2.5 billion people live without access to running water to even wash their hands. Without basic sanitation, vulnerable communities will be decimated by COVID-19. Millions of children will lose their parents - and with this loss, their education and chance for a brighter future. Plan International is expertly placed to respond to this crisis and support vulnerable communities globally with hygiene kits, clean water and crucial public health information.

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